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Arteris S.A. is one of  the largest Company in the Brazilian road concession sector in terms of number of kilometers managed. With more than 3,200 kilometers in operation, the Company is an important player in the Brazilian road infrastructure sector. It invests in improvement, extension, maintenance and operation of the road sections managed under concession programs of the Government of the State of São Paulo and the Federal Government.

Through its concessionaires, Arteris manages roads that connect the main financial center of the Brazil – between the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro and Santa Catarina – characterized by its high population density.

There are four state concessionaires and five federal concessionaires, all publicly-held companies 100% controlled by Arteris – Autovias S.A. (Autovias), Centrovias Sistemas Rodoviários S.A. (Centrovias), Concessionária de Rodovias do Interior Paulista S.A. (Intervias), Vianorte S.A. (Vianorte), Autopista Fernão Dias S.A. (Fernão Dias), Autopista Fluminense S.A. (Fluminense), Autopista Litoral Sul S.A. (Litoral Sul), Autopista Planalto Sul S.A. (Planalto Sul) and Autopista Régis Bittencourt S.A. (Régis Bittencourt).

The Company also holds the controlling interest of Latina Manutenção de Rodovias Ltda. (Latina Manutenção) and Latina Sinalização de Rodovias Ltda. (Latina Sinalização), corporations organized to inspect, manage road works and maintain roadways. In addition, it holds 4.68% ownership interest in STP – Serviços e Tecnologia de Pagamentos S.A., company that conducts business related to electronic toll collection systems.

Arteris is a Brazilian company having 69.3% of its ownership interest held by Partícipes en Brasil S.L. As to Partícipes en Brasil, 51% of its shares are held by Abertis Infraestrucuturas S.A. and 49% by Brookfield Motorways Holdings SRL.

Profile of the Controlling Shareholders


Abertis is a world leader in road management and one of the first global operators of telecommunication infrastructure. Abertis currently operates in 12 countries in Europe and the Americas. Its strategy is focused on selective growth; it focuses on business that can be of service to society and add more value to its shareholders. The Company is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange and is part of the selective Ibex 35 index, as well as FTSE Eurofirst 300, Standard & Poor's Europe 350 and Dow Jones Sustainability international indexes.

Roads: Abertis directly manages more than 7,300 kilometers of high capacity roads in the world. It is the first operator in countries like Chile and Spain and one of the most important in Europe (especially in Spain and France) and in Latin America, highlights its presence in Brazil, where it operates through Arteris and Porto Rico. In addition, Abertis participates in the management of concessions in the United Kingdom, Argentina and Colombia. In the toll technology sector, it has contracts in the United States, Ireland and Canada.

Telecommunication Infrastructure: Abertis is a key player in the telecommunication infrastructure and services segments in Spain, and is an internationally-recognized operator in the satellite transmission sector. 

 To learn more about Abertis, visit


Brookfield is indirectly controlled by Brookfield Asset Management Inc., a company listed in the New York and Toronto stock exchanges, with market value of approximately US$ 20 billion and more than US$ 192 billion in assets under management. Brookfield Asset Management operates in Brazil since 1899, with direct or indirect presence in 11 States and in the Federal District, and more than R$ 14 billion under management. In Brazil, Brookfield operates mainly in the real estate, renewable energy, infrastructure and private equity segments. To learn more about Brookfield, visit

 Geographic location of our concessionaires

General Information of our concessionaires

State Concessions Autovias Centrovias Intervias Vianorte Total
Total Extension (Km) 316.6 218.2 375.7 236.6 1,147.1
Toll Plazas  5 5  9 4 23
Concession Term 20 years 21 years 28 years 20 years -
   Beginning of Concession Aug/1998 Jun/1998 Feb/2000 Mar/1998 -
   Concession Maturity May/2019 Jun/2019 Jan/2028 Mar/2018 -
Federal Concessions Planalto Sul Fluminense Fernão Dias Régis Bittencourt Litoral Sul Total
Total Extension (Km) 412.7 320.1 562.1 401.6 405.9 2,102.4
Toll Plazas   5  5  8 6 5 29
Concession Term 25 years 25 years 25 years 25 years 25 years -
   Beginning of Concession Feb/2008 Feb/2008 Feb/2008 Feb/2008 Feb/2008 -
   Concession Maturity Feb/2033 Feb/2033 Feb/2033 Feb/2033 Feb/2033 -

The state concessionaires are regulated and inspected by the Regulatory Agency of Delegated Public Services of Transportation of the State of São Paulo (ARTESP) and operate according to standards and rules established in the concession agreements executed with the Government of the State of São Paulo. On the other hand, the federal concessionaires are regulated and inspected by the Brazilian Land Transportation Agency (ANTT) and operate in compliance with the concession agreements executed with the Federal Government.



In 1997, the Spanish company Construcciones Laín, S.A (which later was consolidated with the Spanish company Obrascón Huarte, S.A., creating Obrascón Huarte Laín S.A. in February 1999) decided, in line with its policy of business diversification, to participate along with other Brazilian companies in the first phase of the Road Concession Program of the State of São Paulo, through its 30% ownership interest in Latina Infraestrutura S.A., company organized for this purpose.


In 1998, the Company was created, and in the same year Latina Infraestrutura S.A. acquired 30% of Autovias S.A. (“Autovias”), public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the road sections SP-345 Itirapuã / Franca, SP-334 Ribeirão Preto / Franca, SP-330 Santa Rita do Passa Quatro / Ribeirão Preto, SP-318 São Carlos / road junction with SP-255 and SP-225 Ribeirão Preto / Araraquara. Thus, OHL Brasil then directly held 9% of the concessionaire's capital.


In December 2000, OHL Brasil increased its interest in Latina Infraestrutura S.A to 80%; thus, it indirectly held 24% Autovias' capital.


In January 2001, OHL Brasil acquired direct interest of 70% in Autovias, through OHL Participações em Infraestrutura Ltda., and then directly and indirectly held 94% of Autovias.


In April 2002, through OHL Participações em Infraestrutura Ltda., it acquired 100% of Centrovias Sistemas Rodoviários S.A. (“Centrovias”), public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the road sections SP-310 Cordeirópolis / São Carlos and SP-225 Itirapina / Bauru.


Later, in December 2003, it indirectly acquired the remaining 6% of Autovias, by acquiring the remaining 20% of Latina Infraestrutura S.A.'s capital, then holding 100% of Autovias.


In August 2004, through OHL Participações em Infraestrutura Ltda., it concluded the acquisition of 100% of Concessionária de Rodovias do Interior Paulista S.A. (“Intervias”), public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the following road sections: SP-147 Itapira / Piracicaba, SP-191 Mogi - Mirim / São Carlos, SP-215 Casa Branca / São Carlos, SP-330 Cordeirópolis / Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, and SP-352 Itapira / Boarder of the State of Minas Gerais.


On April 29, 2005, the conversion of the Company from a limited liability company into a corporation was approved.

On July 15, 2005, OHL Brasil was admitted to the special listing segment Novo Mercado of BM&FBOVESPA S.A. (Stock, Commodities and Futures Exchange). The Company went public (IPO) and its shares were then sold to the market.


 In June 2006, a corporate restructuring took place in the group in two stages: (a) merger of Latina Infraestrutura S.A. into OHL Brasil and (b) spin-off of OHL Participações em Infraestrutura Ltda. into three portions, and the transfer of each of these portions to each one of the concessionaires (Autovias, Centrovias and Intervias).

In December 2006, through SPR (Sociedade para Participações em Rodovias S.A), OHL Brasil acquired 100% of Vianorte S.A. (Vianorte), public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the following road sections: SP-330 Ribeirão Preto / Igarapava, SP-322 Ribeirão Preto / Sertãozinho, SP-322 Sertãozinho / Bebedouro. 


In October 2007, OHL Brasil participated and won 5 of the 7 auctions of roads concessions, in the 2nd Phase of the Federal Road Concession Program promoted by the Brazilian Land Transportation Agency (ANTT).


On February 14, 2008, OHL Brasil and the Federal Government signed the Concession Agreements for 25 years for the management and operation of 2,079 km of the following federal roads in Brazil:

  • Autopista Planalto Sul S.A., public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the BR-116/PR/SC road section between Curitiba and the Santa Catarina-Rio Grande do Sul border;
  • Autopista Fluminense S.A., public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the BR – 101/RJ road section between the Rio de Janeiro - Espírito Santo border and the bridge Presidente Costa e Silva;
  • Autopista Fernão Dias S.A., public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the BR-381/MG/SP road section between Belo Horizonte and São Paulo;
  • Autopista Régis Bittencourt S.A., public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the BR-116/SP/PR road section between São Paulo and Curitiba; and
  • Autopista Litoral Sul S.A., public-service concessionaire responsible for managing and exploring the BR-116/BR-376/PR – BR-101/SC roads section between Curitiba and Florianópolis.

As of August 15, 2008, the federal concessionaires of OHL Brasil began to offer customer service to the users of the respective roads, such as medical service, service to vehicles with mechanical problems, removal of animals from the road, constant traffic inspection and toll free number to ask for service, all of them operating 24h.

After the ANTT authorized partial opening of toll plazas in each concessionaire, on December 19, 2008 the first three were opened (one in Planalto Sul and two in Fernão Dias), out of the 29 planned for the five federal concessions. By the end of 2009, 28 plazas were in operation.


On April 24, 2012, an Agreement of Intent was announced, in which OHL S.A. and Abertis announced their intention of exchanging shares, involving the controlling interest of OHL Brasil. On August 06, 2012, Abertis' Board of Directors approved the operation of shares exchange with OHL S.A., with the participation of Brookfield, in the proportion of 51% Abertis and 49% Brookfield. The conclusion of the operation was announced on December 3, with approval of the competent authorities. Abertis (with 51%) and Brookfield (with 49%) then had 100% of Partícipes en Brasil, which in turn held 60% of Arteris S.A.'s capital.

OHL Brasil was then called Arteris, keeping all of its assets in Brazil and changing its ticker symbol from OHLB3 to ARTR3.

This operation, which resulted in the change of the Company's controlling interest, gave rise to a tender offer in line with the tag-along rights of the minority shareholders. The tender offer was ended and settled on September 05, 2013, and it brought a new arrangement to the Company's controlling interest. Partícipes en Brasil held 69.3% of the Company's capital, maintaining the proportion of 51% Abertis and 49% Brookfield in the Company's controlling interest.


On May 17, 2016, the acution of the Public Tender offer was perfomed, to cancelling the Company´s registration as a category A publicly-held company and delisting it from the Novo Mercado.

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